Justice for all!

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Romania’s former Prime Minister, Adrian Năstase, was sentenced to 2 years of prison in a corruption case.
Adrian Năstase, who was defeated in 2004 by Traian Băsescu, says that he was innocent and that this trial is a political one.
Anyway,  I wait for to be held accountable  who is guilty in the „disappearance” of the Romanian Fleet.
And I am curious wherefrom  Adriean Videanu had so many money for his palace.      
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And so on…

Justice for all, please!
P.S. Dan Voiculescu said that in Romania the underground economy is estimated at 40 billions euro annually. Well?
Memories: Roberta Anastase, tot Roberta, tot RobertaTraian Băsescu, Sulfina Barbu, Elena Udrea şi… lista e atât de mare încât mă las păgubaşă!

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